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Canon Pixma MP198 Resetter Free Download

Canon Pixma MP198 Resetter Free Download
Canon Pixma MP198

Canon Pixma MP198 Resetter Free Download

Free Download Resetter dan driver Canon Pixma MP198

Step 1: Entering Service Mode 
* While the printer is OFF, press and hold the Start/Stop get 
* While holding the Start/Stop get, press and hold the POWER get. 
* When the POWER LED (green light) lit, release the Start/Stop find 
* Press the Start/Stop find TWICE (even now holding the POWER get) 
* Release the POWER get. 
* Wait for the LCD to demonstrate "0" (zero). 

Step 2: Using Resetter/ Software 
* Run "service_tool 1050.exe". 
* Confirm got USB-port numbers on USB port section. 
* Click "Standard get" on Clear ink counter region. Check there are papers in the paper support in light of the way that the printer will print after the method is done. 
* Click "platen get" on the "Sensible ink counter zone. The printer will print again. 
* Turn off the printer and after that turn the printer on. You printer is readied for use. 

here's the steps to follow:
  • Turn on your printer, the LCD panel error E08, 5b00, p07 appeared, and the description of "Ink absorber is almost full" of your monitor screen. 
  • Take Resetter software on this page 
  • Your printer should be able to service mode. Should I read the next step. 
  • Turn off , by pressing the power button. note Do not unplug the power cord 
  • Then you press and hold the STOP / RESET, while pressing POWER. 
  • Delete button STOP / RESET, but do not lose the POWER button.
  • Under these conditions, the power button is still depressed, press the STOP / RESET 6 times. 
  • Odnovremenno then release both buttons. when it is in service mode. 
  • The LCD panel on the printer blank / black and the computer will detect the new hardware. Ignore it.
  • Are you still with ekohasan blog, Exctract next step and Instrument Services Run before you download. 
  • Absorber on the clear ink counter menu, select Play and press the SET button to the right. 
  • In the menu, the ink absorber counter select Home and press the SET button to the right. 
  • Then click EEOPROM. printer will print one page. 
  • And your printer will be normal again.

Canon Pixma MP198 Resetter Free Download

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